How often do I need to have pool maintenance?

We recommend pool maintenance at least 2 times monthly.  Depending on how often you use your pool, you may need maintenance up to 4 times monthly.  This is because the strength of the chemicals breaks down with increased bather load (amount of swimmers in the pool).

Why is it important to balance the water in my pool?

Safety:  Chlorine sanitizer won’t be working at full strength killing germs and bacteria.
Comfort:  Proper pH balance is necessary to allow for skin and eye comfort.
Corrosion:  Pool equipment may be affected by an imbalanced pool leading to corrosion.

Why is it necessary to vacuum the pool?

Vacuuming the pool ensures that debris is removed and prevents water from becoming cloudy.

How do I check my pool water level?

At the mouth of the skimmer, check that the water level is at the halfway mark between the top and the bottom.  It is important to keep your water level at the proper level to prevent damage to the pump and associated equipment.

What does it mean to “backwash” a filter?

When the filter ports become clogged, they need to be cleaned.  One of the best ways to clean the filter is to “backwash” it which means you are reversing the flow of water through the filter which unclogs the filter.

How often should the sand be replaced in the sand filter?

How do I read the pressure gauge on a sand filter?